My petal, my flower

Luminous Blue was a spacer who walked with a limp and drank the run-off from his cockpit’s cooling system. His vessel was a one-man pilot boat and most of his work came from navigating the asteroid belt bisecting the solar system of Mercia V. Mercia Vb had once held life and was now mined for its heavy deposits of rock-oil; hyper-tankers dropped into real-space on the outskirts of the Mercia system, brimming with mining equipment, food and water and oxygen, and left again full of petroleum. Blue brought the ships through the asteroid belt in both directions.

Each pilot job lasted four standard months and when he finally made it back onto the little junk station he bunked at he was exceedingly hungry, first for human company, and then for sex. Being away for huge chunks of each year he had a hard time keeping a mistress and so he regularly visited the station’s brothels. His favourite prostitute was a non-human, a Comerdeco whose name he pronounced as K’tock. Her genetics derived from the same cosmic germ-cloud that had spawned terran plants, and her people came to intelligence a long time ago. He had it on the pimp’s assurance that she was roughly speaking a female of her species, but given she was not human Blue was unsure why this was supposed to be important.

K’tock was not bipedal. The three limbs that supported her bulbous body were thick and fleshy, very warm, rough and veiny, always slightly moist. She stood like a tripod, the leaf-covered sack of her torso dangling inbetween her three pillared legs. Her whole frame sprouted little bunches of well-cultivated leaves and petals, which she checked relentlessly for signs of damage or mould. And nestled at the centre of her body (or at least Blue thought that it was her centre-point) behind a curtain of fronds and creepers was her cunt.

Each time Blue visited he was struck first of all by the immense heat of her chambers. The room was filled with a plethora of beautiful plants, lolling and draping vines and flowers across the room, big broad leaves down which water ran in runnels and thin creepers that seemed to twist and shift as he disturbed them. These were decorative, he had decided. There in the centre of the room, standing with her feet evenly planted, was K’tock, her leaves riffling slightly as she angled them towards the sun-lamps mounted in the chamber’s ceiling. As he approached, treading carefully so as not to step on anything organic, she would shuffle slightly and lower her leaves, seemingly turning so that she could get a better view of him – although Blue had no idea how the Comerdeco saw.

Blue would pull out a note for her and lay it down on the wide flat metal counter that was conspicuously bare of earth in the centre of the room. Then he would unzip himself, and she would shuffle round, approaching him with her trunk directed towards him from a different angle. In the end he would have to do the work of disrobing her himself, since she could not direct the digits on her feet to her body without sitting down. He took the gloves off his hands, stowed them in a pocket, and parted the leaves on her torso, gently, very tentatively unveiling the flower, her cunt, a juicy funnel trickling with insect fooling nectar, a double ring of swollen petals, a beautiful purple flower. Then he would grab her by two of her legs, thrust his dick inside, and ejaculate immediately. Every time he did this he felt as if he was dissolving into the hot, sticky, wetness of her body – as if he would fall into her cock first.

Luminous Blue felt absolutely no shame in this habit of his. Although occasionally he did wonder if he was the only man who copulated with her - and he felt a little guilty had no idea what the flower he called her cunt really was, nor how she, alone of her species, had come to be trapped on this tiny backwater station.

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