Richard is a ventriloquist, he is standing arm in arm with his mentally handicapped wife Susan, rain is spitting, they are both dressed in black, and looking down at their infant son Liam’s tiny grave. Richard begins to throw his voice.
Richard Down here mummy! Look down here!
Susan Oh Liam! Liam baby, be quiet.
Richard Mummy!
Susan Shh darling, you must shh.
Richard But I can’t shh mummy, I’m in a hell.
Susan No, not a good boy like you.
Richard I’m in a hell. I’m in a hell.
Richard I’m thirsty here. They don’t let me have milk.
Susan If you’re good, they should give you milk.
Richard There’s a cist I suck on. Daddy is a ventriloquist. You said that means he can put words in other people’s mouths. Could he put words in God’s mouth? Could he say, ‘Liam that’s enough, you can come up to heaven now.’?
Susan Could you? Could you Richard?
Richard No. Because first I’d have to know what God’s voice sounded like.
Susan You can’t?
Richard No Susan, I can’t.
Richard Can he say, ‘It’s ok Liam, you don’t have to live in a hell anymore, you can come to paradise,’?
Susan Can you?
Richard I can’t.
Richard Can he say, ‘This is a hell for sodomites Liam, not for you, we’ll stick your nose back on, and replace all the skin we peeled off,’?
Susan Can you?
Richard I can’t.
Richard …‘It was a clerical error Liam, that led us to pluck out your eyes, We’re sorry we raked away your bones like splinters,’ ?
Susan Can you?
Richard I can’t.
Susan Your little bones! Oh Richard! His little bones. You must throw your voice to God. You’re a ventriloquist! You must! You must!
Richard I’ve told you, I’d have to know how God’s voice sounded.
Richard Tell him he must mummy, tell him, I can’t live in piss and carcasses any longer.
Susan I know. I know. Liam, baby, have you heard God’s voice? Daddy said he needs to know God’s voice or else he can’t do anything.
Richard I’ve heard it
Susan You have! You’ve heard it. Then daddy can do it!
Richard I’m in a hell mummy.
Susan What does his voice sound like?
Richard I can’t say. You don’t hear it, you just have a feeling that he is speaking, like how you can feel that your fingers are moving, or that the wind is blowing through your hair. Can’t daddy throw his voice? I can’t live in stick insects and afterbirth anymore.
Susan Can you? Is that enough? He said what his voice was like?
Richard I can try.
Susan Yes!
Richard is quiet for some time, he then turns and holds Susan.
Susan You did it! Didn’t you?
Richard Let’s go home now dear.
Susan Tell me you did it?
Richard I did.
Susan Oh. Oh thank goodness. Liam. Goodbye Liam.

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