Risk Assessment as a New Skill For Life

++The tannoy clicked on, buzzed before amplification ~

>>Brrpptzap<<"We must warn you"

~ A voice from somewhere else, adult, bureaucratic ~

"We must warn you face to face"

~ And the otherwise unthought tread-patter of a thousand industrious boot pairs receded below the cracked sound, as this many minds registered the authorial intervention ~

"We must warn you face to face before entering the next zone"

~ The garishly designated area on the threshold of which we had gathered to a quietly grinding halt was presently made distinct from the implicitly acceptable current zone space; everybody turned an ear in mute afeared concentration, to the voice with renewed urgency ~

"We must warn you face to face before entering the next zone that on crossing the zone restriction barrier you will carry a risk factor of ONE.">>Brrpptzap<<

~ Cautiously, uncertainly, we, disinterestedly similar acolytes, acknowledge the event with straight lips turned to the next and other neighbour, and, consensually insouciant, shrug and proceed, stepping without reservation from left to right over the zone restriction barrier. We had assessed the risk and deemed it negligible.++

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