Beat For Billy

(Gawky doing the WAGONSTEP: Left foot up, on > right foot up, on / left foot down, off > right foot down, off)
"It's like a machine gun!"--"Bit slow, entit?"--"A gattling gun, one of them winding ones: turn the crank, wipe out the cowboys, rattling over hot sand by the old saloon:thud-a-dud-dud-a-dud!"--"He was so hard, right, even his nightmares were scared of him!" ~~But to the resonant frequency of too many big boys' boots bouncing, the record skipped & the beat just lingered in that paranoiac emptiness, bereft of melodic reassurance. The space could no longer be filled and, awkwardly, it became clear again that this was the realm of the Billy. Over some brazen school girl bum the beat said "Billy go home".

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