Slowly it Happens

--I was walking down the street when it struck me...

--Bownanow..."Twitching out? You have to save us!"

--What? That's not how it goes. You interrupted me, I was about to say something apt.

--Course that's how it goes, all the boring bastards, you know, they go wild for a crazy geezer.

--What are you Delboy? He says, "To wear Chanel, you have to shave first", like if you're stepping out or something.

--Fuck off am I Delboy. Chanel? That's a crap line, why's it called 'Green Eyed Loco Man' then?

--Who cares? It's a load of rubbish.

--How come you know it so well then?

--It's not hard to listen. But forget the song. I was walking down the street when it struck me: this is it. It's really happening now. I'd had a haircut.

--When was this?

--This was the other week: after the cinema, the fireworks and the cenotaph. I'd been to the barbers. The man had said something daft, "you want your hair to look good when you're lying on the floor" or something, and then like how he used to want a receding hairline...haha, taking the piss! But when he gave me a tissue and I paid and that I walked out and it all just seemed...different.

--It's just really cold mate.

--No I mean, there was this sort of crisp feeling in the air, and the leaves were blowing...

--Yeah: it's cold.

--and it just seemed like anything could happen, do you know what I mean?

--Not really, you big poof.

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