Bruschettas for Palestine (Students in a Supermarket)

"The establishment of Israel's settlements on the Gaza Strip..."

"Where are the bruschettas?"

"It's BROO-sketuh"

"Oh, here they are. Now all we need is houmous and some sun-dried tomatoes."

"What were you saying? I hate the complicity of our so-called 'university' in this fascist-Zionist regime! Oh look, this rosé is half-price."

"That'll go down nicely with the baba ghanoush."

"I bet they'd kill for some bruschettas on the Gaza strip."

"It's BROO-sketuh."

"We could hike to Palestine on one of these, think of the possibilities, the humanitarian aid, the boost to our CVs!"

"I graduated with First Class Honours in Radical Studies, with a Special Distinction in Awesome Affairs, AND I went to Palestine on a bruschetta!"

"What the fuck is a bruschetta anyway?"

"It's BROO-sketuh."

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