Special Peanut Sauce (Bumbu Kacang)

Little Flid: "Is that your shed?"

Big Biker: "Yes it is, I'm going to put my bike inside."

Little Flid: "Where's my shed?"

Big Biker: "I don't know. Where do you live?"

Little Flid: "Next door."

Big Biker: "So that must be your shed there, next to mine."

Little Flid: "It isn't mine, I can't open it."

Big Biker: "Well, you can have a go in mine if you like. Your mother will not mind at all if you do."

Little Flid: "What's in your shed?"

Big Biker: "Go on in, there are lots of tricks I can show you. Have you ever tried bumbu kacang?"

Little Flid: "No, I don't like Chinese food."

Big Biker: "Well how about some Special Peanut Sauce?"

Little Flid: "That sounds nice."

Big Biker: "Go on in then. There's plenty inside, at the back there, where it's dark."

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