If anything we were more exposed under our sunglasses on that hot day at the park. Lying down with the sky in front and the earth behind, horizontal vertigo gripped us. The friends lamented, they wouldn't hold our hands while we had our stomachs pumped, yes, that lameness. That sixth sense, what did you call it? Proprioception? Whatever, it was lost. Efforts to co-ordinate our movement towards regaining the vertical simply failed. "Even if we could stand up, what use would it be?" You had said, ever the optimist. There were simply too many options. Our sun-blushed skin betrayed indecision. "Hi there friends, I hope you are enjoying the music" --said a man who looked like he had been through the mill and come out minus a few grains. Distant strains came to us, "Jesus...Jeeessus..."and we shuddered together on the grass, "GOD that's the worst music I've ever heard!" you said, queen of tact, frightening the missionary man to "Go in peace, friends..." and he receded from our field of vision along with the music. "It seems to me", you said, "that something has to give." I waited for an answer and in the silence shuffled towards you slightly, and flung my arm to land on your tummy, which wobbled sensually. "I do like your size", I said, neglecting the seriousness of our enquiry. "Sex sex sex", you said, "I've got more important things to think about, like how we're going to get out of this mess." But of course this only made me want you more. I could feel your belly gurgling warmly. Your phone was vibrating somewhere beneath your navel, in a pocket perhaps. Suffice to say, you did not answer. Just then, baking as we were in the sun, a little dog bounded over to snuffle at our recumbent groins, evidently concealing truffles. "That's it", you said, "the last piece of the puzzle." You paused then and your tummy gurgled again as the little dog went over to another, bigger dog and sniffed its bum. You shuffled a bit and moved closer to me, on the grass there in the late afternoon at the park. "Between earth and sky man dwells poetically, standing out in an excess of meaning..." --Just as we were getting somewhere with the question a bird wheeled and cawed above, then shat on my face. "Well, I don't know about you but I'm lying in an excess of crap."

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