The Philosopher the Haberdasher

The Philosopher the Haberdasher is being released this October!

Review of "The Philosopher the Haberdasher" by Denton Shepherd:
"[The philosopher the haberdasher] is a pseudo-philosophical rant engaged through the somewhat arbitrary treatment of popular history, more specifically through a brief history of haberdashery. It talks of John Graunt and the elephant man, bale pickers and treasoned Cantonese, it peers self-consciously at confused and shallow ideas of so called "inevitable knowing" through a fumbling time line of threaded cotton and painted purling spools."

Chapters of Note [Publisher's release]:
** Joseph Merrick and the burden of anchorless knowing. **
** Secrets of smuggled silk and the metamorphosis of uncertainty. **
** Revolution, the hand woven Ptolemaic unwound! **
** Profit and Penance -- unshackling our guilty knowing. **

Select words of introduction:
"Our discourse is not merely NATURAL knowing but INEVITABLE knowing, that is, the only CONSISTENT knowing. The contradiction appears to be that, this method of knowing is HUMANLESS, however our ideas of consistency stem exactly from HUMANNESS. To claim inevitability through a projection of BEING, an extension of base experience seemingly must be consistent with our choice of knowing, however this structure is so delicately balanced on HUMANNESS or more generally, on BEING, that it would collapse if removed, or even perturbed to the slightest. Is this the best that we can do? Is there not an EXTERNAL approach, complementing this INTERNAL approach, this sending out of feelers, and watching our selves drop stitch, beat and breath, untangle the flying shuttle, through experience?"

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