The Marriage of Myra Gale Brown and Jerry Lee Lewis

"Do you, Jerry Lee Lewis, take your thirteen-year-old second cousin to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I sure do, Padre."

"In order to perform in places where this practice is frowned upon, such as England, you will have to adopt a stage persona. Do you accept this?"

"I play piano and sing, that's all I do. Just call me 'The Killer'..."

A young Winona Ryder smiles up under her veil and pouts a bit for Jerry to kiss her.


  1. Audrey Biche05/11/2010, 19:44

    I don't how this is tied to anything, and I just stumbled upon it while looking for dadaist artists but I like it, keep writing.


  2. Keep checking the blog, Audrey!

  3. Geoffry Archer09/03/2011, 20:09

    Don't sound too desperate Pig Faced Lady