Sweet Gene's Sunset

"Go GO GO!" To the girl in the red blue jeans. "Put another nickel in the juke box Gene!" Another prom queen, and then the road again.

A taxi through the green leaves and the oak trees of the night in England. The crash, your leg destroyed, Cochran's brains in the road. Teddy Rex took the old guitar and, under that foreign sky, you were never the same again.

"Bop for me bluecaps, BOP!" Another nickel in the juke box Gene. Your face was slack after hours running on past another prom queen and breakfast felt wrong even though the sun was full up in the morning. "Dammit Gene, how slow can you go?" Leg brace clanking in broad daylight, sweats under leather. You would have slapped him if it weren't for the terrible indigestion. "Bop! Bop for me, bop!"

"Well I've led an evil life, so they say..." to another prom queen somewhere on the road in the night. "Just rock me Gene, I'll be your crazy legs!" But there was only so long before those stolen hours crept up on you and dripped through the pores. "Jezebel I can't be your date tonight, just put another nickel in the juke box, please..."

"Go GO! GO! Clean that mess up!" after a drunk was sick on Sweet Gene's star on Sunset Boulevard. That bad stomach had done more than spoil his appetite.

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  1. This isn't as good as the fucking Ian Dury song