Magnolia and the Messiah [extract]

“The mother-in-law is revolting” thought Harold Strayward as his mother-in-law, dressed as a myna bird, led a ten thousand strong costumed army against the gates of his place of work. Harold was kneeling on a patch of parched grass, supporting his very angry and very pregnant wife, Elise, as she clutched onto his arms and began to scream:
“Get a doctor Harold! It’s happening!”
Harold glanced behind him at the gigantic dappled egg that protected the multi million pound satellite dish for which he was responsible, in particular his gaze lingered at the large fissure on its surface, from which the back half of his car protruded, and at the exposed dish within, being wrangled and scurried over by a swarm of shrieking fruit bats, the sensitive equipment becoming littered with droppings.
“Get a doctor!” Harold’s wife panted.
Harold glanced helplessly ahead, several thousand men and women wearing beaks and wings shook the perimeter fence, and brayed at the top of their voices, “Mother Nature! Mother Nature! Mother Nature has returned!”.
Harold was having a bad day.

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